I have been living in Southern California as an artist. I was born and raised in Seoul , South Korea. I had a BFA of Fine Art at the Ewha University in Korea. I studied abroad in Italia for painting at the Academia di Belle Arti de Firenze.I had a good experiencing and spiritual journey in Europe. Afterwards, I came to the United States.


       My works are expressions of pure elements : impulsive, spontaneous strokes om the surface of my canvas. My aesthetic unites paint with strokes of my unconscious within contains of composition. I use  acrylic painting, combine mixed media, and ink. 

                                                                                                                                      I create works through natural shapes, lines and flowing pigments -It’s liberating to pour out abstract figures of  realistic objects, transferring what was inside onto the canvas, The evidence of that flow remains on the surface. To express the figure from free exploration of the self is similar in scale like macrocosm and microcosm. Where two opposite colors conflict and smudge into pigments like a wave.


     I believe that the universal principles and a certain spirit of nature influence my brush as it follows the rhythmic stroke that automation. Abstract figures emerged; divide the surface, creating boundaries and layers to make abstract painting. The moment I painting, I discover how nature could tie complexity and simplicity in overlaps. I realize that the unusual connection between imagination and reality works like a butterfly effect. I hope my paintings are remembered for the emotional and defining moments of spiritual beauty in my life.